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You've Been Yellow Slipped

Yellow Slipped

So I got this notification in yesterday’s mail. It’s a letter from the Texas Health Insurance Pool (the insurance place of last resort for those of us with pre-existing conditions). It was letting me know what I already know…

1) Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is moving ahead and will be effective January 1, 2014.

2) Early enrollment through the exchange is scheduled to begin October 1, 2013.

…and what I suspected:

The Legislature could decide that Pool coverage will end and Pool policyholders (like me) will be allowed a certain amount of time to transition into the exchange or seek out other insurance coverage.

…and left a lot unsaid, notably…

That our Governor told CMS to pound sand last fall – so unlike the states that are well underway with some kind of implementation of an exchange, Texas appears to be leaving it up to the fine folks in Maryland to figure it out for us. Of course there are rumors of a workgroup cobbling together an alternative – but CMS would still need to approve it. Given the outstanding relationship between the State of Texas and CMS – my money says CMS will use that opportunity to return the favor and tell Texas to pound sand.

Lots of sand pounding. Lots of chest thumping. And I for one, am growing weary.

So for those of us that are left hanging in the balance, you might want to pick up the phone with your representatives and let them know you are concerned.