livestrong1. I remember how comforting it was to jump on their website in the dead of night and read stories of people dealing with their cancer diagnosis – just like me.

2. I know that donations go towards free services and supports to cancer survivors and their families – so important when every dollar counts.

3. I admire the organization and all the staff that have worked tirelessly to keep the mission first and foremost upfront. It’s been a tough year full of intense public scrutiny. They’ve kept themselves focused on the people that they serve.

4. I donated to LIVESTRONG a few months ago when my dear friend Liz was newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

I donate now in her memory.

Please join Amplify Austin’s 24 hour campaign to raise funds for the very best of Austin non-profits, like LIVESTRONG.

Me & Liz  Wood 2011

For Liz…